Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to store long-term?
Self storage with Vrana Mini Storage, we offer short or long-term, flexible month-to-month leases.
What documentation do I need to rent a storage unit?
All you need is a valid form of government-issued ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or state ID.
When can I access my storage unit?
Access your storage unit 24/7. No need to call us or schedule an appointment.
How do I get my security deposit back?
-Per the contract, written notice of termination is required 30 days in advance of the planned move-out.
-Current with all payments, fees and penalties.
-Storage unit must be broom clean and in good condition. Broom clean does NOT mean sweep into the driveway!
-Clean up all spills.
-Remove your lock.
-Let us know via call or text (608) 374-2113 when you are out of the unit. (This is a month to month contract. It can only be terminated at the end of the month.)
-Current mailing address.
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Can I store a vehicle in a storage unit?
Yes! Cars, motorcycles, and smaller boats are easily stored inside of storage units.
Vehicle Storage Guidelines:
-Registration – A copy of vehicle’s current registration is required and the registration must match the renter’s name. (Also needed for trailers for boats and jet skis).
-Title- A copy of vehicle’s current title is required and the title must match the renter’s name. (Also needed for trailers for boats and jet skis).
-Proof of insurance – It’s tempting to cancel your insurance while your vehicle is in storage, but it is a requirement to be able to rent a storage unit.
-Floor Protection- It is your responsibility to protect the floor under your vehicle from fluid leaks. A Floor Protection Mat is required for any vehicle storage.
-Vehicles must be driven into the storage unit, not towed or stored on blocks.
-No repairs, maintenance or work of any kind may be performed inside the storage unit or on the property.
-Batteries must be removed and stored off site.

How do I determine which unit size to rent?
Use our online size guide or give us a call to speak with a self storage expert. Take the time to create a list of everything you plan to store for a more accurate unit size suggestion.
What security features do you offer?
Our facility is being monitored 24 hours a day using our 24-hour video surveillance system. We also offer security lighting, raised floors, and 8 foot high doors.
What items am I not allowed to store?
Tenants are never allowed to store perishables, plants, animals, stolen or illegal goods as well as flammable or hazardous items i.e batteries, LP tanks, fertilizer, ect.
Am I required to purchase insurance?
Insurance is required. If your homeowner or renter's insurance doesn't cover stored items, we can help you sign up with a storage insurance provider.

What are some tips on successfully operating the storage doors?
Heres a link to our demonstration video, if you have more questions feel free to call (608) 374-2113.